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संस्कृति, पर्यटन तथा नागरिक उड्डयन मन्त्रालय
सिंहदरवार, नेपाल

Published Date : 2016-09-04


We would like to state that the Tourist Police is a special unit of Nepal Police, which is working under Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Tourism Industry Division. Our office is located at Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu, Tourist Service Center Building, and also we have complaint counters at the Airport and Basantapur Durbar Square. We are always attentive to deal with the problems of tourist and we are very sensitive in safety and security of tourist.

Tourist Police assures a safe and pleasant stay to all the visitors in Nepal. Tourist Police is a special unit of Nepal Police, which was Established in Jan 26, 1979  under the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. The main function and responsibility of Tourist Police is to look after the welfare of tourist and to assure them a pleasant and a memorable stay in Nepal. Our function is to advise and assist tourist in safety and security during traveling, trekking, rafting and hotel stay in any part of Nepal.

With a dedicated workforce of 49 (Forty nine) Police Personnel, Tourist Police conduct various activities. The main office of the Tourist Police is situated at Bhrikutimandap in the building of Nepal Tourism Board We remain open 24 hours.

Activities of Tourist Police

  • Daily patrolling within the Tourist interested area in Kathmandu valley.
  • Opening Tourist Police Post in different area including Airport (TIA) and Basantapur.
  • Expansion of Tourist Police Post in Pokhara and Sunauli. It will expand to different parts of Nepal in future.
  • Quick action and investigation have taken seriously in any tourist complaints.
  • To provide information on travel security.
  • To ensure hassle free trip by keeping hawkers, beggars and street children away from tourist.
  • To assist tourist whenever need arises.

 Tourist Police would like to make your visit to our country as pleasant and safe as possible. You can help them further by following these Simple Tips: -

  1. Tourists are requested to follow up the rule of Government of Nepal.
  2. Inform about your problems and complaints to the nearest Police Station/Tourist Police.
  3. Avail the services of government registered travel/ trekking agencies only.
  4. Inform your whereabouts immediately upon arrival to the local Police or concerned Embassy/Consulate.
  5. Stay at government registered hotels/resorts/guest house/lodges only.
  6. Use only those porters who are authorized by your travel agency or hotel.
  7. Exchange foreign currency only at authorized places. Never carry your wallet in the back pocket.
  8. Make sure your wallet is in the inside jacket pocket or side pocket of the trousers.
  9. Carry certified copies of documents and leave the originals and other valuables in the safe deposit box of your hotel.
  10. Never leave these items unattended in your room or carry large sums of cash on your person.
  11. Carry traveler's cheque and limited amount of cash while on tour.
  12. Never leave your luggage and other valuables unattended at any time, any place.
  13. In case of any theft/loss/Snatched immediately contact the nearest  Police Station or Tourist Police. 

Duties of Tourist Police 

  • To provide information regarding security aspect of tourists.
  • To respond promptly to problems or complaints of tourists.
  • To try our best to provide a hassle free trip by keeping away tourists from hawkers, beggars and street children.
  • To assist tourists wherever and whenever they need us.
  • To register complaints of the Tourist and to provide police report is case of theft or loss of items.
  • To create safety environment mainly in tourist areas.
  • To inspect (supervise) over hotel, travel, trekking & rafting agencies in case of other proven.
  • To patrol in tourism areas for safety environment.
  • To control unlicensed tourist guides.
  • To forward tourist related criminal cases for legal procedure to district police office, consulting with concerned embassy.
  • To provide tourism related information.    

Please Keep in Mind (Information for tourists) 

  • To inform your where about immediately upon arrival to local Police or concerned Embassies.
  • To be aware of unauthorized agencies and unlicensed person
  • Always make Travel and Trekking arrangement with authorized agencies only.
  • To make sure to deposit your valuable items in safe deposit.
  • Please allow your luggage to be carried by porters authorized by your travel agency or hotel only.
  • To discourage hawkers and beggars.
  • To note Taxi number which you hired or travel.
  • To send your complaints in a prescribed form by Post / Fax / person (Which is distributed in our Tourist Police Counters).
  • Drug-abuse, trafficking and sexual relation with children are strictly prohibited. The offenders will be punished according to the National law.
  • You are here for enjoyment not for punishment.
  • We do not want to see you inside the Police custody & behind the bars. 

Tourist Police 

The Tourist Police was established about three decades ago by Government of Nepal to help foreign tourists in Nepal to overcome the various difficulties and hassles that they could face here. Looking at the development of Tourist Police, at its time of inception seven posts were created under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation for tourist police, 26 Jan, 1979   which included Six Sub-Inspectors under the command of one Police Inspector. 8 Nov, 2005. Promoted Unit Member 6 Sub- Inspector, 6 assistant Sub-Inspector, 7 Head Constable, 12 Police constable included 31 Tourist Police Person.  Right now 38 Tourist Police person under the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and, since then, Nepal Police Headquarters has been appointing police personnel who have a good command in English language to be posted as Tourist Police.

Following the Visit Nepal Year 1998, there was a rise in the number of tourists coming into the country, hence, the need and importance of an institution to guarantee security to them was largely felt. In this regard, organizations related to tourism sector initiated a positive step in setting up and developing the Tourist Police by offering substantial physical contribution which also nudged the government to take initiation in this line.

Supported by Nepal Tourism Board, organization related to tourism and Nepal Police, in addition from other financial and physical support the member of police personnel working in Tourist Police for the past three decades have been increased with the addition of twenty-three police personnel thus strengthening the initial police strength to thirty after reviewing the services provided by the Tourist Police in the fiscal years gone by, the working hours were rescheduled. The Tourist Police now have their offices open 24 hours. This particular rescheduling has evidently increased the sense of security among foreign tourists.

Government of Nepal, with the aim of developing a resourceful Tourist Police over the time, on the recommendation of the proposal presented by the Police Reforms Recommendation Taskforce, created additional thirty-one posts for tourist police that included six Sub-Inspectors, six Assistant Sub-Inspectors, seven head constables and twelve constables on 2062/7/22(Feb 2006). They have also given the added responsibility to overcome the various irregularities that exist in travel and trekking businesses. There is also an aim to set up sub-branches (beats) at various locations within the valley such as International airport, Basantapur, Thamel, Pasupati also.

There is no doubt that if the Tourist Police are given the necessary training within the country and in other friendly nations about the international standards of service and the prevailing tourism laws and also if they are established as a separate service entity with their own set of responsibilities and authorities, then the Tourist Police will be better equipped to discharge their duties towards the security of foreign tourists in Nepal.

Nepal is a country blessed with the beauties of Nature that lures tourists in abundance from all over the world. Majestic snow-clad mountains, exotic flora and fauna, invaluable natural resources, intricate art and architecture enrapture tourists. Rich Cultural Heritage is just another aspect, which entices people from different land. Immense trust and cordiality are the characteristics that have contributed to promote Tourism in the International arena.

Tourist Police has played a very vital role in preventing harassment and misbehavior, control and discourage criminal activities against tourists. Since its inception, the Tourist Police has taken pains to provide security, facilities and render appropriate services whenever in need. The Tourist Police discharges its duties at the Tribhuvan International Airport Thamel Basantapur, and Pasupati, the main Tourist areas in Kathmandu. Tourist Police also available out of valley in Kaski District, Pokhara and Rupandehi District Belahiya (Bhairahawa).

The Tourist Police at Bhrikutimandap have recently, expanded its services in Lalitpur and Bhaktapur the Tourist Police register complaints and recommend for necessary action to help recover lost goods of the tourists and prepares a police report. To prevent harassment to tourists by the beggars, peddlers and cheats, tourists' sites are properly inspected. The activities of unlicensed hotels, travel agencies and rafting are regularly monitored to see that tourists are not exploited and cheated. Interaction program is conducted among the Taxi-drivers, and others and local guides to extend good and efficient services to the tourists.

Keeping in coordination with the Municipality, Tourism Board and Tourist associated organizations, the Tourist Police prepare brochure for the tourists. Necessary arrangement is made in the event of Nepal Bandh (strikes) and vehicle strikes, which cause inconvenience for the tourist to commute. Tourist Police assist the tourists to seek counseling with the concerned Embassies. Now Tourist Police has 38 personnel under the command of Police Inspector.

Tourist Police Reform Task Force has been formed by the Government to reform, develop and expand its services at other parts of the country. The Reform Task Force has prepared both short and long term working plan, increasing the manpower according to the need of the time, expand resources and manage budget at eight Tourists Police post. Tourist Police post in Pokhara has 10 personnel; Likewise it will be expanded in 11 places Chitwan, Kanchanpur, Kakarvitta, Birgunj, Biratnagar, Kohalpur, Itahari and Janakpur with 193 employees to serve the tourists.

Tourist Police motto is "Friendly, Fast and Right .As such, Tourist Police always contact close with travel agencies ,hotel, airline ,bus ,and taxi to give away anything that information needed by tourists. Tourist Police unit would be strengthened and stability and harmonious environment would be fully utilized to increase country's image as friendly destination tourists.